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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Baby you're the best, but this is SO not cool

The night before we left to Georgia for the holidays, in the midst of transit strike insanity, John (my beloved computer geek) managed to spill some iced tea and fry the hard drive on my ibook. By accident. Of course. When we came back to New York (after buying Sophie a personal dvd player so that she could survive the 6 to 8 hours of awake time in both directions...did I mention we drove?) John took my poor dead little machine to Tekserve where it was properly dried and prepared for a new hard drive. Unfortunately, they wanted $400 for a new hard drive. We didn't want to spend that much, so we bought a new hard drive, with 10GB more memory off of ebay for roughly a quarter (or less) of the price. John (brilliant as he is) took the ibook apart (when I wasn't home to collapse from the site of it's bits and pieces scattered round the table) and installed the new drive. When he sent me an email from my up and running machine, I knew once and for all that I would love him until the day I died.

Tonight, at 8:13, my ibook froze. It then refused to actually turn on when I rebooted no matter how many times I prostrated myself to the Mac gods. When someone gets home from his business trip tonight, there will be hell to pay. Lucky for him I wanted to bitch about this asap, otherwise his computer wouldn't be functional at the moment either.


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