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Monday, January 23, 2006


Things that I miss:
1. the sound of surprise in your voice every time you looked at me or touched me and said: my god you're hot
2. Sunday brunches at Bombay Grill
3. sleeping into the afternoon and staying in bed all day to work off the hang-over
4. how much time it seemed we had and how slowly it passed
5. the separate world of your apartment
6. stealing extra time in my bed for sex on Saturday mornings by planting Sophie in front of the t.v., then trying to act normal when she came running down the hall
7. the giddiness that preceded an evening together
8. the privacy and space to wax my bikini line and paint my toenails the night before our dates
9. your delight that I painted my toenails
10. the awkward formality that we pretended to uphold even though we felt so natural with each other from the very beginning
11. meeting you for the first time

Things that are:
1. you know exactly how to touch me
2. I know where everything you can't find is located
3. I know what you need before you finish asking me for it
4. you understand when to just leave me be and never worry I don't love you enough
5. neither of us has to worry about shaving or trimming or waxing or primping, if we don't feel like it
6. I miss you too often, even when you're there because there is too much stuff and life and not enough time
7. a day spent in bed is like a blissful vacation
8. I can be as hungry as I feel whenever I feel hungry
9. you look hot even in a t-shirt and boxers and socks (just a little less hot than you do in a suit)
10. I've come to like your ugly grey pants
11. I've become fond of your ugly sandals
12. we make fabulous dance partners
13. I feel safe and confident
14. I love your family so much that sometimes I even miss my own


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