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Monday, January 23, 2006


Is it too much to expect a grown woman to clean her spray off the seat in a public restroom? I have this problem at work constantly and there aren't really that many women here, nor do we get a barrage of visitors and guests who might be less considerate and, therefore, responsible for the mess. Nor do we have that many stalls (only 4) in our one shared bathroom. The most amazing thing is that every few days our receptionist inevitably sends out these very emphatic emails complaining about the problem and I've never seen a difference. And who is it that can cover the whole seat in one go? I walked in there earlier today and just stood there in awe (and disgust). How is that possible?

You've already got cooties on your hands...that's why you wash them just go ahead and clean up so that when my four year old daughter comes to the office I don't have to check each stall for the least offensive one to clean up.


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