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Monday, January 30, 2006

Uh, hello? Mom, is that you?

So, my mother and I (after years of just not really getting along or liking each other) have discovered the wonder that is communication via email. I'm guessing it's the extra time that my mother has to process my words before responding to them (okay, me too) that accounts for this phenomenon. I sort of feel like my mother finally hears me, whereas before it felt like she was trying to drown me out with her own version of my problems or, worst still, trying to convey how much less important they actually were than hers. Regardless, this new email correspondence is really rather nice. I actually look forward to hearing from her and she gets to "talk" to me every day, which is what she's always wanted in the first place.

This morning, after a series of emails exchanged between me and mom about the miracle/freak of nature that is our simultaneous long-distance water retention, my mother expresses the saddest, loveliest thought I've ever heard:

"If I think about all these pounds that I lost being on a diet throughout my lifetime, somewhere along the way I must have lost myself."

Thanks for surprising me mom.


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