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Thursday, February 02, 2006


From an email John sent this morning after taking Sophie to school:

Soph was good the whole trip, which was very crowded. She did eenie-meenie-miny-mo a dozen times between me and a strange biker guy to see who could live with her, ending up on me every time except the last, after which she said, "But he can't live with me because I don't even know him. You won the most so only you can."

Other recent Sophie-isms include:
- "I'm just not happy with you right now"
- "We're not going to talk about it anymore"
- "Pooping gets the germs out"
- "Stop kissing me, I don't like it"
- "Even if it's expensive and it's the one I want, that's okay you can buy it for me"
- "Why do you only like sandwiches all the time?"
- "I'm still prettier than you, right?"

It's true when they tell you there's a lot that you learn from your children.


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