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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cucumber delta of the shikon jewel descending

During the commute home the other day, Sophie and I had the following conversation:

S: Ooh, I know what would be fun. We could watch Inuyasha when we get home.

M: Yes, that would be fun. We could do that.

S: You know which movie I wanna watch? I wanna see the one where the little cat gets picked up by the red haired guy.

At this point I try to figure out what on earth she's talking about, because there isn't any red haired guy that I can remember. Sophie, ever astute, senses my idiocy and continues:

S: I mean the one with that girl with the bow on her shirt.

M: Kogome? (for those of you just indulging me and have no clue what I'm talking about, she's in every episode)

S: Yeah. (now she looks confused) Mommy, how come she's the only one who can see the secret [sacred] jewel shards?

M: Because she's a priestess, honey, and has special powers.

S: But why no one else has special powers?

M: Everyone has special powers on the show. They're just different powers.

I won't totally bore you with the itemized run-down of everyone's special powers, but suffice it to say that this went on for about 10 more minutes before I realized with a sinking feeling that John isn't the only dork in our family.


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