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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's a new dawn, it's a new day

For what it's worth, in the present term, I have resolved myself to the fact that feeling cranky about my body and letting that affect my life and the people I love is not going to change the actual physical characteristics of my body. In other words, I am going to stop fucking whining (in my own head, thank you very much) about it and just buck up. I'm also going to stop thinking that every time I'm horribly constipated and need to take a laxative that I'm reverting to old ways and old disorders. I can't think that it's like an alcoholic with one drink...which is exactly how I was thinking about's just life. I have bowel issues. Whatever.

Much more importantly I am proud to report that in an incredible moment of being fed-up with my own laziness and lack of ambition, I actually managed to UPDATE my resumé and now only need to do some tweaking to make it viewable to employers. By 2009 I might actually get fed-up enough again to take that step. Relatedly (sort of), my office manager has organized this weird "Sandwich Lady" service whereby a woman with a basket of food (I shit you not, it is actually in a huge ornate basket) comes by with lunch for sale. It's creepy enough this sudden feeling that we're being unofficially discouraged from leaving the building during working hours, but at 11:30 or so an email goes out from the receptionist that reads: FOOD'S HERE!!!!!, which also makes me think of piggies running to a trough. The whole thing is just odd and unsettling.

Unrelatedly, Sophie made me a v-day present at school. I'll have to take a photo and post it because it's too great to miss. The card read (in her own little tentative print): I LOVE MOM DEAR SOPHIE, which is too cute already, but the present (wrapped up in white paper on which Sophie had painted pink "hearts") was a purse made out of two paper plates. It's utterly fabulous and will have to be converted into an actual fabric purse because how could I not sport something so totally you will soon a purse that looks like two paper plates sewn together. In Sophie's words: I can put treasure in it when I find some. So, you know, there's that to look forward to.


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