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Friday, February 17, 2006


When I started this post it was going to be somewhat of diatribe about eBay and how I seem to get fucked every time I try to buy something. Mind you, I say try to because I have infact bought things off eBay, but they're only good if they aren't clothes. I bought a really gorgeous Betsey Johnson dress last week and it arrived today and was in terrible shape. I assumed that the seller was not going to take it back (hence my initial anti-eBay rant), but she was actually extremely nice about it and will fully refund me for it. Let's hope I'm not just being naive. I tend to over-believe the good in people.

Feeling victorious on that front, I celebrated by having the following for lunch:
-2 kiwi fruit
-1/4 of a (small) papaya
-4 strawberries
-2 slices of watermelon
-1 slice of pineapple
-1/4 lb. of smoked turkey

John said this morning that he thought between the two of us my appetite would shy at his. Two pounds of fruit is not much of an example of how wrong he is, but he is totally wrong. What he doesn't realize is:
a) I feel like I could still eat most of a pizza, a couple of chocolate bars and a salad wrap from Chopt, maybe a bag of doritos too (after that I'd need to reevaluate my hunger v. belly pain situation); and
b) when I stop eating first it's purely to keep up the appearance that I'm a lady, even though I can outsweat almost any man.
I think an eat-off is definitely in our future.

This weekend promises to be a very good one. Tomorrow is Whatever Day, our version of valentines day (which I insist is totally stupid, sorry) and John is taking me here for dinner. I've had a BITCH of a time finding an appropriate gift for the occasion, but I think that my ultimate choice should be a good one. Why do I have such a ridiculously difficult time buying this man a present? It was much much easier for my ex because he had no taste and I made all of the decisions (just kidding Josh, heh heh). Seriously, I go into this major panic when I have to get John a gift. I bought him a suit a week ago without thinking twice, so where does the pressure come from? It's weird.

On Sunday Sophie is throwing her first ever tea party. It's ladies only and will be femtastic, I'm certain. There will be jam tarts and fancy little sandwiches and vodka. It's going to be awesome.


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