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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Round is just so much better

So I'll start with Whatever Day and work through the weekend. We started off on Saturday with some breakfast and cartoons...we've been obsessively working our way through this Japanamation series called Inuyasha and we've finally managed to get Sophie hooked too. The show is understandably difficult for her to watch (every 3 minutes there's a recap of action you just saw), but on Saturday morning she was sitting on the couch yelling things like: won't somebody just cut off his tentacles already? Who knew she could wield the word tentacles like such a pro? After we dropped Sophie off to her dad's we came home and exchanged presents. I got John the earbuds he'd mentioned wanting a week or so ago. He, on the other hand, got me this, which right now is even more exciting than an engagement ring would have been. I've been wanting one of these for quite some time and got to enjoy it as I spent the rest of the day baking in the kitchen for the tea party. By the time we went to dinner I was pretty pooped, but then I stepped out into the 13 degree night wearing sandals and an evening dress and was instantly awake; problem solved.

Public restaurant is wonderful. The food is yummy and interesting (I had wild boar!) and the atmosphere is really lovely. Very romantic and hip. John made me feel like the prettiest most important girl in the world. It was a fantastic Whatever Day and I won't go into the specifics of the rest of our night, except to say that our cabbie proceeded to tell John how lucky he was to have such a sexy woman. But in sort of a hungry, inappropriately, lascivious way. John was quite pleased.

I'd done most of the work for the tea party in advance. I made little sandwiches (egg-butter and asparagus/prociutto and mozerella on hazelnut pesto) and cookies (lemon thyme) and a cheese-spread (ricotta and sage) and vintage jam tarts. What possessed me to make them star shaped, you ask? When switching to rounds took one-third of the time? I can't really answer that. I can say with certainty that the next time I make these, they will be round and made from my own biscuit recipe (which is flakier and more buttery). The party was small and my friend Liz and I were the only two pounding cosmopolitans for 8 straight hours, but my friend Emily contributed an incredibly delicious quiche and a really fun time was had by all, especially by the hostess and her best friend:


Blogger Cupcake said...

You made all that food (and all those cocktails) for a children's tea party? Good Lord. If you do cupcakes, I'd hire you to cater my next birthday bash.

10:15 AM  

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