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Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is how we do (and why I need a new job)

The following email was just sent by our receptionist:

Talk about beating a dead horse!!

I am sick and tired of hearing complaints about the ladies room. I've had 2 this morning. The previous e-mails have been completely ingnored.

To be blunt.....Please clean up after yourselves! No one here is anyone's personal maid!!! You are adults and it is about time that you started acting like one. I'm sick of going into the stalls and having to either flush the toilet a couple of times and wipe down the seats because you are too damn lazy to do it yourselves. If this is how you live in your own homes FINE, but DO NOT TAKE YOUR FILTHY HABITS TO THIS OFFICE!!

We have guests that come to this office for meetings!

I'll just leave you with that.


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