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Monday, February 27, 2006

When it drizzles, it rains

Something I haven't written about at all yet is that I am a full-on, total cake geek. Maybe I should say baking geek instead, because certainly cakes are not all I bake, but as far as professional aspirations go (yes, I do have those), I want to be a cake designer. For me, a beautiful life would be one spent in the kitchen all day, every day, listening to my favorite music and assembling towers of fondant covered lusciousness. That's right, all day in the kitchen, on my feet, elbow deep in buttercream, singing too loudly out of vocal range to some Arcade Fire...heaven.

I mention this now because two really cool, unrelated and unexpected things happened this weekend...okay, I guess you could say three, but the third one sort of doesn't count. I'll tell you that one first: I went to a friend's birthday bash and made vanilla cupcakes with saffron infused cream cheese frosting. It was really fun to look through my herb pantry and come up with something that would work well with the vanilla cupcakes (yes, I do know that saffron is not an herb). I have to give credit to Chockylit for starting me on this experimental path, since it was her tarragon cream cheese frosting that gave me the idea (I've done that recipe before and they were soooo yummy). Okay, but the really cool things that happened were:

1) I was offered an opportunity to supply Housing Works bookstore with my cheese cakes! Housing Works is a really great store with some wonderful author events. If you live in New York and have never been...GO, now...don't even wait for the cheese cake, just go. If you're not in the area, then check out their website at least because they do really good things.

2) I received an email from the former manager of a restaurant in the city where friends of mine had their wedding reception last year. I made their wedding cake and this woman had asked for my business card. Since I hadn't heard from her at all, I certainly wasn't expecting to, but here we are. I sent her some photos of my work today (unfortunately they aren't quite portfolio quality, but they'll have to do), so we'll see.

Something even cooler and much more exciting happened this weekend. John and I officially entangled ourselves and opened a joint bank account. I think we're going steady now.


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