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Friday, March 17, 2006


Okay, so my good thing that I couldn't discuss? I think it's okay now, so here goes:

On Monday I had an interview with a staffing agency. I'd met with two headhunters previous to this, so I wasn't holding my breath. I was also feeling like: whatever...if it happens it does and if not, then I'll figure it out. Can y'all already see where this is going? The agent told me I was a great candidate and that she already had a few things in mind that might be good situations for me...I'd been given exactly the same closer the last two times, so I wasn't really counting on this to get me any closer to a new, better job. I assumed, actually, that this was the industry-typical polite brush off. On tuesday, I sent her my computer testing scores and said I'd wait to hear from her.

On Wednesday, I got a call from her at 10 in the morning. She'd sent my resume to a company that morning and they wanted to see me at noon. Now there were a couple of problems: 1) I was wearing jeans and a sweater, not my typical interview outfit (but thank god I'd decided to actually wash my hair); 2) I had my mediation appointment at 3:30 that afternoon and wasn't planning on taking a lunch hour; 3) I wouldn't normally take lunch at noon anyway and certainly not without giving my boss a proper head's up.

After much back and forth with my agent it was decided that the company wanted me to come in even though I was under-dressed and that they would see me at 1 (the time I normally go out). I went to the interview feeling like they had to accept me the way I was, since I hadn't been given enough warning or time to prepare for the meeting. I think that I didn't really take the interview seriously anyway, since it was a little less of a salary increase than I'd hoped for and the whole rush factor seemed suspect.

After meeting with the current office manager/executive assistant (whose position they were seeking to fill) and the comptroller, I got the sense that it would definitely be a better, more challenging job than the one I have now (read: I wouldn't be able to blog surf all day out of boredom), it's certainly more money than I'm currently making, with better benefits, and yet I wasn't quite won over. I can't explain it, but the office seemed really unremarkable. I just wasn't sure I would enjoy being in such a blah place everyday. I know, really dumb, right? But it seemed maybe there was some other reason it didn't feel right. They asked me to come in Friday morning to meet with the founder and the president of the company. I decided that would be the make or break for me.

So I went in this morning, while John stayed home with a re-fevered Sophie, and met with the president of the company, who made a wonderful impression. We talked for roughly half an hour, during which time it became ubundantly clear that they had found their ideal candidate and that they'd made their decision on Wednesday.

While we talked, and he asked some really great questions and made a fantastic pitch for the company and it's attitude toward their employees (how integral they were and how strongly encouraged each member of the "team" was to lend their creative input), I realized something: no job is going to be the perfect fit for me. I don't want a job. I want a business. I want to be baking everyday and until I can do that every job will just be a job, so all I can hope for is to find one in which I can make a great salary and feel happy (the latter being more important, of course). I realized that if these people were in a different setting (e.g.: fancier offices), there wouldn't be a question about taking the job.

When the interview was over and they offered me the job, I accepted.

On Monday, I'll give my notice.


Blogger Pooja said...

Wow, congratulations, Irina! Better pay, more responsibility, teaminess...not to mention dryer toilet seats!

6:48 PM  
Blogger Irina said...

oh my god! I hadn't even thought of the dry toilet seats...that alone is a good reason to take a new job.

9:03 PM  

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