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Monday, March 06, 2006

Doing a solid

Dear Readers,

On March 22nd, at 10 pm, following Lost (one of the best shows ever), ABC will be broadcasting The Evidence. Since my dear friend Dusty created this show, it is sure to be awesome and I strongly encourage all of you to watch it.

Here is his summation of the plot:

"The show revolves around Inspectors Sean Cole and Cayman Bishop two long-time partners and best friends in the San Francisco Police Department. The twist is this: the crucial “evidence” in the case will be presented to viewers at the beginning of the story – before the Inspectors find it. A locket, a cell phone, a flower basket, a severed finger, a dead body. Question is -- how does it all fit together?

We are fortunate to have an incredible cast: Orlando Jones (“The Replacements”) as Inspector Cayman Bishop, Rob Estes (“Melrose Place”) as Inspector Sean Cole, and Academy Award Winner Martin Landau as Dr. Sol Goldman (“Ed Wood”). Gary Fleder (“Kiss the Girls,” “Runaway Jury”) directed the pilot, and John Wells (“ER”, “The West Wing”) is our producing Godfather, guiding us along the way"


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