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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Everyone's opinion counts

Moment's ago I received the following email:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Be very afraid":
this would be a great blog if you would leave out the curse words

I decided to publish the comment and let it stand, but I thought I would address it too. The fact is that I've repeatedly pointed out that this is my space...take it or leave it...and as such I will express myself as I choose to within it. I really appreciate that people read my blog (people I don't know) and that they actually care enough about my babbling that they see fit to come back. I hope that more of my readers will start leaving comments, because honestly it would be nice to get to know what some of you think too. If I'm really lucky, some of you out there might become friends too.

I certainly wouldn't intentionally isolate anyone or make them feel uncomfortable, but you really can't please all of the people.

Therefore, what I say to Anonymous is: thank you for voicing your true opinion and whatever you do, don't link to dooce.


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