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Saturday, March 04, 2006

I love my friends

Today was Currification...a sacred celebration (aka:brunch) formally held at The Bombay Grill in Park Slope every other Sunday. Now that The Bombay Grill totally sucks ass and our favorite waiter is working somewhere in Long Island, John and I decided to have friend over to our place and cook Indian food here. I made black chickpea curry, dahl (cauliflower and lentils) and bindi masala (okra). John made keema mattar (ground beef and peas). We also had an assortment of samosas, two kinds of nan, rice and poppadum.

It was totally awesome. There is no better way to spend a Saturday than bullshitting with some of your dearest friends around a table full of food for six hours. Sophie was charming beyond belief and when she was bored with the grown ups she played in her room for hours without complaint.

I would have taken pictures of the food, but unfortunately I'd had a few rose water cosmopolitans before it went on the table and really, photography was the last thing on my mind...wait, I take it back. Through the magic that is John and iphoto, not to mention stock photography, I can give you a sense of the meal. Dessert is not featured, but I assure you it was really really good.


Blogger Joshua said...

You should try Kinera. They are on 5th ave., so a bit of a hike from Bombay Grille. But they serve excellent Indian food.

4:13 PM  

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