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Friday, March 03, 2006

This is just wrong I tell you

Have you all seen this film poster? What is the deal here? Although Mila has always been abnormally thin, it looks like she's been padlocked in a basement and starved for six weeks before being run through the biological equivalent of a paper shredder. The fact that this is posted all over the city (often in quadruplicate) where every woman and teenager and small female child has to see it upsets me. I also can't imagine that men would find this hot...maybe some men, but surely not most men? I won't go into some diatribe about women and bodies and society and blah blah blah. I'm not confident that anything I have to contribute to that argument is fresh enough to open up the issue (although feel free in comment, if you wish, to open up such issue), but seriously, is this the world we live in? Do we really think that this is okay to look at? Does it make us want to go see the movie?

I actually get stomach pains just looking at this picture. Someone, quick, give her a cookie and make it all better.


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