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Friday, March 03, 2006

Why I'm not afraid of being dooced

Someone posted the following comment:

"I'm a fan of dooce, too. But come on, have you learned nothing from reading her: to be "dooced" is to be fired for writing about work on one's blog. be careful. "

I greatly appreciate the readership and these words of caution. It's true, what happened to Heather was downright criminal, not to say totally fucking ludicrous. Fortunately for me the following things are currently true:

-John's job (read: salary) puts us in a position whereby the loss of my own wouldn't leave us destitute.
-My job has basically become a way to get paid to look for another job.
-I'm not even sure my boss knows what a blog is and the only person in my office who is aware of my blog is waiting to hear back from MFA programs around the country (read: I have shit on him too).
-The worst thing that can happen is I'm let go and am free to either buckle down on the cake business I dream of and give it a go or look for better employment. Neither of these sound like totally horrible possibilities.

The fact is that work, and in particular the man who makes it the realm of hell that it is, has been bad. On the one hand, there is still so much down-time that I'm sitting here posting this reply, but on the other, when he does need something he makes me feel...well, it's not good. I haven't really written about it lately because my sense is that Sophie and John and life make for a far more interesting read. In the meantime, I'm using my discontent for far more productive ends, which I will happily write about when the occasion arises.

Also, in the end, wasn't Heather's be-doocement actually an amazing thing? Look at her life and her work. She seems to be living a dream and you can't really wish for more than that.


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