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Monday, April 17, 2006


Last week, for Passover, I experimented with cheese cake. The idea was to find a good form to bake the cakes in so that Housing Works can sell them (yes, I am finally getting on the ball) in individual portions. I wasn't pleased with my first go round. The cake to crust ratio was just too close. I used mini-loaf liners, but I think next time (later this week) I'll give it a go in large muffin liners instead. I figure the cake itself will be higher and that will improve on the ratio discrepancy.

Tonight I'm putting together my first vegan cake. It's a carrot cake with "creamed cheese" frosting. I replaced the eggs in the cake with applesauce and I used Toffuti spread for the frosting. The frosting tastes like it's real dairy; I've yet to try the layers. I love a baking challenge.

John asked me this weekend what my plan was for the business. What I told him, which is the truth, is that I don't feel like I can think about cake design just now. The last few months have been kind of crazy what with looking for a job and a school for Sophie, getting through the mediation, and now the training and finding a new apartment. It's too much at present, so cake is mainly on the back burner. Once things settle though, I intend to devote a set number of hours designing and constructing dummies to photograph for my portfolio, so there's that for all of us to look forward to.


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