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Monday, April 17, 2006

Egg hunt

Sophie had her first Easter egg hunt last Saturday (she was with her dad on Sunday). We decided to reuse the tiny plastic eggs John's mom sent her (originally full of coins and chocolate kisses) by filling them with gummy bears and tagging them with questions that would lead her along in her search. She did a fabulous job. Her clues were:

-What's pink that you put on when it's cold inside?
-Where does John work?
-Where do you sleep?
-Where are the snacks?
-Where do mommy and John sleep?
-What's nice to ride on a sunny day?
-Where do we keep the coats?

At the end of this jaunt round and round the apartment was a basket of goodies, including gummy bracelets. Mmmmmm.

Except, not really.


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