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Friday, April 21, 2006

My three misunderstood minutes in heaven

Last night John and I took Sophie drinking at the Gowanus Yacht Club, because it's the cheapest place to hook a homegirl up with cheap beer and a hot dog. The place was so swamped that seating was a complete impossibility and we wound up getting Sophie a dog and taking our group over to Pacifico instead. Next Thursday, however, John will be spending the entire day at the Club so as to secure some space for those of us who are trivia and/or booze hounds. It should be especially fun because Johnsmom will be in town.

All of this is to say that Sophie and I arrived about 45 minutes early and had a lot of fun playing in Carrol Park and scoping out the Beanie Babies at Eckerd's, where she informed me that she was really smart and illustrated such statement by usuing the word often correctly and by throwing around the phrase we should look that up.

Right before John showed, we had this conversation:

S: I really like the Incredibles movie, because I really like violence.

M: Um, what?

S: I said, I really like the Incredibles movie, because I like violence. A lot.

M: Honey, did you just say you like violence?

S: Uh-huh.

M: Okay, wait, say what you just said to me one more time.

S: I said, I really like V-I-O-L-E-T. She's my favorite.

M: Oh, jesus. I thought you said something very different. I thought you said you like violence.

S: What's violence?


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