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Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh boy

It is 4pm. My boss, the woman who trained me, and I were out to lunch and drank lots of wine. I drank mine on a mostly empty stomach. Now, I'm a little less depressed, but would also like to go home and sleep.

I'd also like an exorcism performed to rid my body of the peanut m&m's I ate to sober me up.


On an alternate note, my ex-husband did a very nice thing and had a friend of mine, an author with whom I haven't spoken in a while, sign his newest book for me and messengered it over. This makes me feel all the more cared for.

I know I'll figure this...whatever...out and all will be better eventually.

I appreciate the time any of you have taken in sticking through it with me .


Blogger Heather said...

I'm sticking with you babe! Just know that I am here for you, in any way that you need me! I'm reading and I'm hearing you, and wishing there was something I could do for least give you a big hug, because sometimes even that little bit helps so much! I hope with help and some time you can figure things out soon. You are in my thoughts and I am wishing so much goodness for you. Hugs, kisses and love!!!

2:45 PM  

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