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Monday, April 17, 2006

A Power Puff Story

When the Power Puff Girls did something special and told Professor something special they want to do.

The Power Puff Girls told Professor they wanted to do something special.
Buttercup said she wanted to go on a boat ride. Blossom and Bubbles said "Yeah! That's a great idea Buttercup."

Then they flew there and got on the boat. Then they said "come on, let's play."

They said, "I dunno." But Buttercup went and played and bumped into everything.

They said, "see, I told you Buttercup."

Then Buttercup said, "alright, I won't do it again."

They said, "thank you Buttercup."

Then Buttercup got on a seat with the other girls* and went on a long journey. The other girls held Buttercup's hand (uh-oh). The Power Puff Girls said, "oh no!"

Then the Power Puff Girls went to the beach. They got their fishing poles out and Buttercup caught nothing, but Blossom and Bubbles caught fish.

Professor said, "Buttercup, try again."

So she did, but all she got was a little kitty cat that was in the water playing with fish in the water. The kitty cat had a whole basket full of fish and the Power Puff Girls added their fish to the basket and they ate fish at the beach.

Then they went home and had lollipops. Pink for Blossom, a blue one for Bubbles, a red one for Dymano and Dymano got a doggie and a green one for Buttercup. Then they went to sleep.

The end.

*The "other girls" are different girls who are not the Power Puff Girls.


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