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Friday, April 21, 2006

Reasons why I'm cranky right now

1) I don't know;
2) I just got home (early) fifteen minutes ago and John's already gone and fallen asleep on the couch;
3) The apartment is a mess and no one seems to care except me;
4) I want McDonald's cheesburgers, a donut, a jar of nutella, some KFC crispy strips and some fries;
5) I won't eat any of those things;
6) I'm lying because I would totally eat any of them, but then I would hate myself for it;
7) It's almost that time of the month and I feel like a fat ass;
8) I don't feel sexy or attractive in the least;
9) Sophie's not here;
10) I'm kinda bored, but kinda not and also very restless too;
11) Why isn't there any fucking nuttela in the house?;
12) How can John be sleeping right now? What happened to the us time?;
13) All of the funny and entertaining things that have happened to me this week involve Microsoft Excel, fritatta and office equipment;
14) That creepy guy who wouldn't stop staring at me on the train.


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