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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Working Girl

It's been fine, thank you for asking. I think that once the job is more completely mine, meaning I'm the only one responsible for the details the job entails, I'll be really happy. I like to be busy. I'll also have a minute or two to post.

The place is such a boys' club though. Which I find funny now, but will probably be annoying in the long run. Someone actually witnessed me bent over unloading some paper and asked if he could help me. Sounds kinda nice right? Let's just say it sorta wasn't.

I find it interesting that they positioned the only female vp in an office that overlooks/overhears the front area I work in.

The people
are really nice though and if I can find a yoga studio in the area, I'll be set.

John leaves for DC (again) in a few hours. It's something I just can't get used to.


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